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Who I am

I am in the hands of God and God alone.  My journey has brought me to this beautiful realization.  It hasn’t been easy.  It has had its ups and its downs.  I have traveled quite a distance to full health recovery.  In 2007, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  The news terrified me, maybe even more so than the disease itself.  I had just gotten married ready to start a new life with this amazing man.  And this news took hold of me like nothing I had ever known before.  It shook me to my core.  But this news was a true gift from God.  That sounds absolutely insane.  “How in the world could God give a gift such as that?” you may ask.  But, sometimes He gives us a message in order to find our TRUTH in life.  From this message, that is exactly what I did.  And so, my journey of finding this beautiful reflection of who it is I truly, truly, Truly am began right then and there.

I sought help from various sources.  Many people told me that you cannot heal from this disease.  “There is no way to heal from a disease like this,” said various articles.  “I don’t think it’s likely recovery is possible,” said a doctor.  But other wisdom told me another message… It IS possible to heal.  And YOU CAN HEAL INDEED!  I met a woman who had healed from this disease. She healed completely.  One day she wasn’t able to feel her hands, her concentration was null and fatigue settled in trapping her from acknowledging all the beauty in the world around.  But one day she was given hope that there was a cure. She let the hope guide her to a place in Guatemala where a holistic medical doctor waited with open arms to treat her.  A few months later, she came back to the United States with no trace of disease and is to this day doing mission work all over the world.

This woman was my source of hope.  “If she can do it, then maybe I can as well,” I thought.  So I travelled along her same path to the same doctor.  He was truly beautiful.  A gift.  He let me know that healing IS possible and that prayers can always be answered.  We sat down in his little clinic office in a nook and cranny part of Guatemala City where all people could be treated no matter what their income, no matter what their prognosis.  Cancer patients who were given a matter of weeks to live, auto-immune diseased patients who had no other hope… we were all welcome to find a true hope of healing in which so many people who had gone before us had done.  So we sat on the folding chairs in his humble little office and prayed.  I have to tell you, never in my life had I prayed with a doctor who was also my physician.  “Maybe they just do this in Guatemala?” I thought.  But no, it was him… this doctor whose Faith was at the forefront of any action he took to heal a beautiful person.  And that prayer shifted my life right then and there.  From that moment on I began to recognize a light I hadn’t in quite some time.  This light in all aspects of the world around me started to unveil itself wherever I went.  I saw beauty in the poorest of poor in Central America.  I saw their loving eyes and holy wants for a better life.  I saw the gracious service of the people who gave me a beautiful place to live for those four months and all the power in the love they planted through their kind works of faith.  Clean water for all people in that country.  That was their hope and their gift and they had nothing but courageous faith to make it happen.  And today they still make it happen.  Every single day they produce Eco-filters which transform lives of those who cannot even afford electricity.  But now they have clean drinking water.  The poorest of poor, their lives are now shifted.  The fear and worry of dysentery is no longer.  “How many lives have they saved?” I wonder.  “So many.  So many.  So many,” I hear.

So this light is absolutely everywhere.  It is everywhere I look.  Everywhere I want to see the beauty in this world, there is light.  My healing journey did not end in Guatemala.  I saw light in other avenues, other places to find even more improvement of my mind, body and spirit. I found a beautiful soul named Jessie Lin, an Eastern medicine practitioner, and oh can I tell you how she transformed my life.  This woman has an intuitive gift from God and she led every single session with this beautiful gift.  From this experience every single week for nearly four years and even more sessions thereafter, I gained this immense understanding of the body, how it is impacted by our emotions, by our love or disdain for life, and how all are connected.  They are amazingly connected every single moment of our lives.  I now love this life.  I didn’t always.  But I absolutely do right here and now.  And I so want to share with you this exact same love on page.  It is my hope to allow you the vision, the depth of finding your inner voice of wisdom to embrace this beautiful life as what it truly is… a gift.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I love you.  And I am so grateful for this beautiful opportunity to embrace my calling with you.

With the Greatest of Love,

Darcie Beyer