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Hi, I’m

I was healed from Multiple Sclerosis and now I am sharing my story of LIGHT and DISCOVERY with you.

The message I want to share with you through the pages of this website, through my blog posts, and soon, my book, is that every single person on the face of this earth has a light within—their True Self.

My story began a long time ago, unfolding as I learned of my body’s potential to heal from disease… a disease I was told was not possible to heal. I believe God gave me a gift when He gave me this illness, and through my journey to wellness allowed me to find my True Self so that I can help others find theirs.


I am so extremely excited to be one of the nine contributing authors of THE CALL TO SOAR.

You are not your struggles. Even a storm can be a beautiful place when you understand it does not define you but strengthens who you are meant to be. Challenges offer you a choice to either remain where you are or emerge from the dark clouds and fly high above them.

In this book, The Call to Soar, you will discover how to remain hopeful in the midst of uncertainty, how to walk through any obstacle to find joy in life again, and how to rise up stronger than before and find true healing. In my chapter I share my journey from my multiple sclerosis diagnosis to my full health recovery and discovering who I truly am.